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Starting a hair care regime

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When you are just learning to take care of your hair, or transitioning to another phase in your hair journey, it can be overwhelming and often times, time consuming. But don’t worry you are not alone, even the most informed individuals had to start somewhere.

The object of a hair care regimen in most cases are to get either grow healthy hair, or to maintain the healthy hair you already have. Everyone’s regimen may vary depending on their hair type and or the health of one’s hair, but we all need to follow the basic steps on a regular to achieve healthy and thriving.

Your healthy hair regimen should include the following components:

  • Cleansing
  • Conditioning
  • Moisture
  • Detangling
  • Styling


    Cleansing your hair is an area that can vary from person to person. Many naturalistas wash every week and some might decide to wash every other week. This area is unique to everyone. Starting with a good-quality, moisturizing shampoo to use once a week or every two weeks depending on your preference. When you use shampoo, the focus should be on your scalp, scrub with your fingertips, massaging your scalp in the process, the lather will make its way down your hair, cleansing it in the process. Don’t tousle or scrunch your hair when shampooing, it can result in tangles!  We have an amazing shampoo for you to try. Our Citrus & Papaya shampoo is the perfect solution for removing excessive buildup from products or dirt/excess oils. This shampoo not only cleanses but removes build-up without depleting hair of its natural moisture.  

Conditioning/ Detangling

    Conditioning and detangling are an essential parts of a healthy hair regimen. Conditioning your help is the start of the process, of putting the must needed moisture into your hair. Most curly heads prefer to detangle their hair when conditioner is in it, because the “slip” or the smoothness of the conditioner helps the comb or detangling bush move the hair easier. Conditioner can also be use in-between shampoo washes to gently cleanse the hair or to add some much need moisture. Perfect for someone who exercise every day and don’t want to use shampoo every time that they need to wash their hair. Our Citrus and Papaya conditioner is the perfect for dry and curly hair types that needs a conditioner that not only is great at moisturizing and soften hair, but also is great at detangling, which results in less breakage.

Deep Treatment

    Using deep treatments on your hair and how often, depends on you and your preferences. Most use a deep treatment weekly or bi-weekly depending on their wash day. If you are a naturalista that applies heat, bleach, or color to your hair, you should use a deep treatment weekly or with every wash. We have an amazing deep treatment for your regimen. Our Deep Sea Reparative Treatment infuses hair with the perfect bailence of protein and moisture to restore dry and damage hair.

  • Tip, using heat helps the treatment penetrate better and faster.

Moisture/ Moisturize

    Your hair need moisture, so you should moisturize daily, even if it is just a spritz of water to wake up your curls. You need to make sure that your hair maintains moisture because it helps prevent breakage and frizz. Our Citrus & Papaya Leave-In Conditioner is an excellent daily moisturizer to help you keep your hair nice and moisturized.


    When it comes to styling everyone has their own preference. Whether you like to rock your curls and are looking for gels or like the look of sleek straight hair, we have you covered. Our Shine and Define Jelly and Glisten Serum are perfect for all your styling needs.


    Once you get your regimen stick to it. Being consistent is the most important part of any regimen hair or otherwise. Having a set schedule in the beginning will help with that. Maybe for the first three months have a specific wash day, that you know every week that is the day that need to wash, moisturize and oil your hair. Most importantly, don’t give up. Reevaluating your regimen is perfectly normal and okay, creating your hair care regimen takes time and a ton of patience, but sticking to a consistent regimen will be worth it in the end.




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